Michael wanted to lower his environmental footprint, so he built an off-grid tiny house. But when it comes to actually saving the planet, he felt in over his head! He was unsure if his downsizing and minimizing made a difference and wondered about the other aspects of our lives. What started out as simple questions about our personal impact on the planet has evolved into an exploration of bigger themes around living sustainably in a changing climate.   

By giving a voice to researchers, authors, businesses, non-profits, and (sometimes) everyday people, Michael is starting a new conversation about how we can all come together to address our changing climate in a truly sustainable way. In the end, he hopes you'll feel a little less in over your head when it comes to doing your part for the planet and feel inspired to live more sustainably.       

Michael has had the honour of being featured on:           
The Tiny House Lifestyle        Moolala: Money Made Simple
The Wayward Home               The MapleMoney Show
Tiny House Ideas                    Be UNCLUTTERED
Wannabe Minimalist              STYLE Canada
Candid Tiny House                 The Simple Home
A Little Wray of Sunshine      Canadian MoneySaver
The Broadcast (CBC Radio)

Sometimes Michael is in the news:
Lethbridge Herald                Sunny South News 
The Toronto Star                   Bridge City News     
Macleod Gazette                  Canada's National Observer

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In Over My Head will take a short break until November to allow time to work on a big upcoming season. Listen to Michael’s message for a sneak peek of what’s coming. 

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