Michael wanted to lower his environmental footprint, so he built an off-grid Tiny House and drastically altered his lifestyle. But when it comes to actually saving the planet, he feels in over his head! He's not sure if any of his downsizing and minimizing make a difference and wonders about the impact of every aspect of our lives. There's so much to know - it's time to bring in the experts.

Join his personal journey to work through the problem of effectively addressing the climate crisis. He'll sit down with researchers, authors, industry leaders, and environmental experts to figure this out. From electric cars to how we use our cash, he'll dive deeply into a particular topic, asking the questions you were probably always wondering about but never knew who to talk to. In the end, he hopes you'll feel a little less in over your head when it comes to doing your part for the planet, and be empowered to take action. Together we can make a difference!   

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The Tiny House Lifestyle        Moolala: Money Made Simple
The Wayward Home               The MapleMoney Show
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Lethbridge Herald                Sunny South News 
The Toronto Star                   Bridge City News     
Macleod Gazette                  Canada's National Observer

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