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Planet-saving Superstar: Amy Meek

Michael chats with 18-year-old Amy Meek who with her sister Ella, co-founded Kids Against Plastic - a UK charity run by kids, for kids.

The Just Transition Part 6: Going to War

Michael gets a history lesson from Seth Klein, author of A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency, and learns how we can take inspiration from the Secon...

The Just Transition Part 5: All Things Being Equal

Michael talks with renowned social epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson all about how inequality affects society.

The Just Transition Part 4: Residential Energy

Michael digs into the data on residential energy challenges with Professor Runa Das of Royal Roads University.

The Just Transition Part 3: Transportation

Michael Talks with Dr. Giulio Mattioli, from TU Dortmund all about transport poverty from a European perspective.

The Just Transition Part 2: Community Engagement

Michael Talks with Professor Tamara Krawchenko from the University of Victoria about implementing the Just transition at the community level.

The Just Transition Part 1: Energy Poverty

Michael talks with Helen Corbett Director of Energy Poverty at the All One Sky Foundation all about energy poverty.

In Over My Head: The Just Transition Trailer

Michael talks with leading experts in Canada and beyond all about the Just transition. From housing and communities to society as a whole - they discuss how we make th...

Planet-saving Superstar: Sophie Weider

Michael talks with Sophie Weider, a children's author who wrote two environmental books before the age of 18!

The Grid Part 6: Safe Bets & Wild Cards

Michael talks with Jason Dion, the Mitigation Research Director at the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices all about the safe bets and wild cards when it comes to d...

The Grid Part 5: Indigenous Clean Energy

Michael talks with Chris Henderson, the Executive Director of Indigenous Clean Energy about how Indigenous communities are involved in the energy transition.

The Grid Part 4: The Human Side

Michael talks with Professor Sarah Burch from the University of Waterloo about the human side of decarbonization. How do our values inform this transition, and how can...

The Grid Part 3: Politics

Michael talks with University of British Columbia Political Science Professor, Kathryn Harrison about how the provincial and federal governments' relationship impacts ...

The Grid Part 2: Carbon Pricing

Michael talks with University of Michigan Professor Barry Rabe all about carbon pricing, and how it contributes to lowering our emissions.

The Grid Part 1: Renewable Energy

Michael talks with Dr. Mark Zacharias from Clean Energy Canada all about the role renewable energy plays in decarbonizing the electricity grid.

In Over My Head: "The Grid" Trailer

Michael talks with experts across North America about how best to decarbonize our electricity grid. They're going to generate some great ideas and empower you to take ...

Planet-saving Superstar: Rain Chen

Michael talks with Rain Chen, Founder of Get Thrifty about starting the first thrift store at the University of British Columbia.

Transportation Part 6: Economics

Michael talks all about the economics of sustainable transportation with Dr. Werner Antweiler, Associate Professor at the Sauder School of Business at the University o...

Transportation Part 5: Urban Design

Michael talks with Professor Eric Miller, Director of the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute about how the design of cities affects our transporta...

Transportation Part 4: Trains

Michael talks with Dr. Nirmal Gnanapragasam, Senior Process and Modeling Scientist for the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories about the impact of rail travel on our environ...

Transportation Part 3: Planes

Michael talks to Dr. David Zingg, Professor at and former Director of the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies about how planes contribute to our envi...

Transportation Part 2: Electric Cars

Michael talks to Dr. Alex Milovanoff from the School of Environmental Engineering at the University of Toronto about the environmental footprint of electric cars.

Transportation Part 1: Biking, Walking & Rolling

Michael talks with Gideon Forman, the Climate Change and Transportation Policy Analyst for the David Suzuki Foundation about how walking, biking, and rolling lower our...

In Over My Head: Transportation Trailer

Michael explores the world of transportation. He sits down with experts from across the country to discuss how to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to plan...

My Hometown Part 6: Nothin' But Sunshine

Former Vice-Chair of Environment Lethbridge and Master Electrician, Bryce Allred, talks with Michael about all things solar - from installation, solar photovoltaics, a...

My Hometown Part 5: Sustainable Living

Michael speaks with Mandy Sandbach, President of Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association, about ways in which folks in cities can incorporate permaculture into their...

My Hometown Part 4: Good To The Last Drop

Michael talks with Shannon Frank, Executive Director of the Oldman Watershed Council, about water conservation. Shannon shares surprising local water facts, and how yo...

My Hometown Part 3: Listening to Nature

Michael learns from John Chief Calf, Coordinator of Indigenous Education for Lethbridge School District 51, about Indigenous understandings of the environment, and how...

My Hometown Part 2: Voting For Change

Former Minister of Environment & Parks, and former Minister Responsible for Climate Change Office, Shannon Phillips, discusses with Michael big polluters, climate ...

My Hometown Part 1: Tiny House Big Impact?

The inaugural In Over My Head episode has Michael chatting with Executive Director of Environment Lethbridge, Kathleen Sheppard, about how downsizing affects our carbo...

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