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Catching Up Over Coffee with Kathleen Sheppard

In this new segment, Michael catches up with past guests to see what they have been up to lately and learn something new.

Changing Minds Part 6: Misinformation & Mistrust

Michael speaks with the University of Oxford’s Sacha Altay about how misinformation and mistrust affect our ability to take action on the climate crisis.

Changing Minds Part 5: Getting Emotional

Michael speaks with the University of Groningen’s Linda Steg about the connection between emotion and pro-environmental behaviour.

Changing Minds Part 4: Slaying our Dragons

Michael speaks with the University of Victoria’s Robert Gifford to discuss the excuses we make to avoid acting, called the Dragons of Inaction.

Changing Minds Part 3: Mental Health

Michael speaks with the College of Wooster’s Susan Clayton all about our mental health and climate change.

Changing Minds Part 2: Culture Shift

Michael speaks with Chris Bryant all about changing the culture when it comes to cultured meat.

Changing Minds Part 1: Climate Comedy

Michael talks with the University of Colorado Boulder’s Beth Osnes about how comedy motivates climate action.

In Over My Head: Changing Minds Trailer

Michael talks with experts from around the world about environmental psychology. From confirmation bias to cognitive dissonance, they'll be thinking deeply about all t...

Planter-saving Superstar: Alison Gu

Michael chats with Alison Gu, who at the age of 24 became a Councillor for the city of Burnaby British Columbia.

Our Digital Life Part 6: The Cloud

Michael speaks with MIT anthropologist Steven Gonzalez about the human side of The Cloud.

Our Digital Life Part 5: Artificial Intelligence

Michael speaks with Ostfold University College's Henrik Saetra about the role of Artificial Intelligence in sustainable development.

Our Digital Life Part 4: Smart Green World

Michael speaks with TU Berlin's Tilman Santarius about making our world greener through digitalization.

Our Digital Life Part 3: The Right to Repair

Michael speaks with The Restart Project's Ugo Vallauri about repairing our electronic devices.

Our Digital Life Part 2: Video Streaming

Michael speaks with Lancaster University's Dr. Kelly Widdicks all about video streaming and our demand for data.

Our Digital Life Part 1: Sustainable Delivery

Michael speaks with the University of Washington's Dr. Anne Goodchild about making the delivery of our packages more sustainable.

In Over My Head: Our Digital Life Trailer

Michael connects virtually with experts from around the world to talk about our digital life. He's going to try and figure out how all our clicks, comments, and consta...

BONUS: The Carbon Footprint of Cash

Michael chats with Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi all about the carbon footprint of cash.

Planet-saving Superstar: Megan Takeda-Tully

Michael chats with Megan Takeda-Tully, Founder and CEO of Suppli, a Toronto-based reusable takeout container company.

Money Part 6: Investments

Michael talks with Michael Kind all about the power of investments to save the planet.

Money Part 5: The Anti-Consumer

Michael chats with Michael SW Lee, Director of The International Centre of Anti-Consumption Research all about anti-consumption.

Money Part 4: Rebound Effects

Michael chats with David Font Vivanco all about the relationship between efficiency and consumption, known as rebound effects, and how this applies to our money and so...

Money Part 3: Carbon Offsets

Michael talks with Anja Kollmuss all about buying carbon offsets. Anja explains what they are, how they work, and if they are an effective way to use our money to addr...

Money Part 2: Stopping Our Shopping

Michael talks with J.B. MacKinnon all about his new book, The Day The World Stops Shopping, and what the world looks like when we slow our spending and drastically red...

Money Part 1: Donating

Michael chats with John G. Halstead all about Effective Altruism and the impact of donating to environmental causes.

In Over My Head: Money Trailer

Michael talks with experts from around the world all about money, and how we can use it to address the climate crisis.

Planet-saving Superstar: Amy Meek

Michael chats with 18-year-old Amy Meek who with her sister Ella, co-founded Kids Against Plastic - a UK charity run by kids, for kids.

The Just Transition Part 6: Going to War

Michael gets a history lesson from Seth Klein, author of A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency, and learns how we can take inspiration from the Secon...

The Just Transition Part 5: All Things Being Equal

Michael talks with renowned social epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson all about how inequality affects society.

The Just Transition Part 4: Residential Energy

Michael digs into the data on residential energy challenges with Professor Runa Das of Royal Roads University.

The Just Transition Part 3: Transportation

Michael Talks with Dr. Giulio Mattioli, from TU Dortmund all about transport poverty from a European perspective.

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