Our Digital Life Part 1: Sustainable Delivery

Michael speaks with the University of Washington's Dr. Anne Goodchild about making the delivery of our packages more sustainable.
Michael speaks with Dr. Anne Goodchild all about making urban freight more sustainable. Dr. Goodchild describes the journey your package takes from ordering to arriving, and what items are typically moving around a city. She stresses the importance of consolidated delivery, and what might erode this. Dr. Goodchild discusses some of her sustainable pilot projects focusing on the final 50 feet, including a locker program, and e-cargo bikes. She also shares some of her findings on drone delivery research. Anne talks about ways to make online ordering more sustainable, including delivery fees and slowing our consumption. Lastly, she offers advice on what you can do to have an impact.

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The Final 50 Feet Research Program             
Our Digital Life Part 1: Sustainable Delivery
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